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Beth Russell: At Home Techniques To Relieve Neck and Face Tension and Combat Burnout

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Episode summary: In this episode, guest Beth Russell, a colleague in the world of Chinese medicine joins us to talk about optimizing our home health routines. Beth Griffing Russell is an acupuncturist and specialist in facial renewal practices using Traditional East Asian Medicine. She helps people of all ages reconnect with their brilliant vitality through a variety of techniques that can be performed at home. Beth's goal is to uplift faces and spirits and on this episode, she will explain the connection between the skin and the nervous system, relaxing the muscles of the neck and burnout, and what fear and sitting at our computers have in common.

You’ll finish this episode with plenty of take aways - you might even notice that you’re sitting up straighter and your eyes are a little brighter (that’s a hint meant to tell you that you’ll be guided through some at home facial toning techniques!).

Topics discussed in this episode:

- Skin Disorders Representing Fear [5:57]

- A Mountain Lion Encounter [7:45]

- The Connection Between Fear and Neck Tension [11:15]

- Neural Feedback Patterns/Stress/Safety [15:52]

- Wrinkles Are About Efficiency [17:02]

- Relax Your Neck to Free Your Facial Expressions [20:10]

- An Intro to Facial Gua Sha [27:46]

- Not Just About Beauty, These Techniques Make You Smarter and More Focused [34:41]

- Get Started With These Techniques At Home Right Now [36:19]

- Mental Squeegee Technique [40:35]

- Let Gentleness Permeate Your Life [50:55]

Find Beth:

Instagram: (THE BEST VIDEOS on facial self care!)

(Snag your Thai Herbal Compress for neck massage at that link!)

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