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#straightfromsarahandcait: Wildfires, Burnout, and Getting the Help You Need

Updated: Mar 7

Burnout is the feeling of exhaustion physically and mentally from the problems you have in everyday life. Similar to wildfires, where everything is burned out to ash. However, life is a cycle of death and rebirth, which is critical in keeping the balance in the world. With the right resources, we can return to life beautiful and stronger. Our speaker today, Sarah Vosen, a burnout recovery coach at FRIED, explains the relation of wildfires to being burned out, why you should honor the cycle in life, and how Sarah can help in your burnout recovery journey. Tune in to learn more!

Episode Highlights:

Sarah discusses the similarities between burnout and wildfires. Just like wildfires, where everything is burned, fall, decay, and turn into ash, being burned out will feel like our life is falling apart. However, a burned forest will go through a rebirth cycle, and everything will return beautifully. Similarly, experiencing burnout will allow us to be reborn, and with the right resources, we can come back to life.

Sarah highlights the importance of honoring the cycle in life. We don’t need to be burned completely to have a renewal; we just need to realize that life is constantly changing, and resting is necessary to balance our work. We need to stop forcing ourselves to be the same every day. Slow down and give some time and space to process your emotions, set boundaries, and know the most important things in your life.

Burnout is normal, so just acknowledge your problems or difficulties and pay attention to control them. Recognize that you have the ability to control it, heal, and recover to become stronger.

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