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Kim Porter: Shed Old Identities and Emerge From Burnout

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

“I was so busy striving for goals I didn't know how to stop. Meditation, setting my intentions, and journaling all helped me get back to my center again.” Kim Porter


Kim Porter is an award-winning entrepreneur, business and life coach. She helps guide women on a journey of transformation and self-discovery so they can become who they are truly meant to be.

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Additional notes about the talk:

After a threatened miscarriage, instead of listening to the whispers, Kim doubled down and went for it in her business because of the fear that if she slowed down and let go of what she had built, none of what she had done until that point would have had value. Can’t you just feel that in your gut? The need to stick with a job, a career, a relationship because you’ve invested in it already?

“The story of my own transformation is similar, I was coming off of the biggest year in my business I had accomplished everything I had wanted, every box had a checkmark but I didn’t feel happy. Instead, I felt burnt out and disillusioned.” Kim Porter

And this is why most of my clients are female entrepreneurs at the top of their games. We know we’re burnt out before it really starts to destroy everything around us and I want to be sure that people have support from someone who understands. This episode hits home hard for all those successful, hustling female entrepreneurs who got to the top and then thought, 'Is this all there is?!?' Can't wait to hear your feedback on this one! Leave FRIED a review on iTunes or send me your message at caitdonovan at gmail dot com! Xoxo



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