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Kristen Holmes: Stay Ahead of Your Health with Whoop

Updated: Mar 7

In this world full of stress and a toxic environment, getting a hold of your health and staying physically and mentally fit is challenging. But worry not, as there are ways to stay ahead of your health. In this episode, I have an exciting discussion with Kristen Holmes, the vice president and principal scientist at Whoop. Kristen shares how Whoop, a physiological monitoring device, can help you track your body’s data, take action accordingly, and ultimately have control over your health. She also talks about why heart rate variability matters, workplace resilience, sleep consistency, real burnout prevention, difference of stress and anxiety, and more!

Episode Highlights:

Kristen focuses on aligning your mind and body– in other words, having extreme awareness of your body is crucial to taking control of your health. She also explains the usage of technology and how we can utilize it to get optimal data to work and take the needed actions for our bodies.

Kristen shares tips and tricks to aid in increasing stress resilience, sleep consistency, and managing stress, such as aligning our circadian rhythm, time-restricted eating, viewing sunlight, breathwork, and regular body movement throughout the day.

Listening to this episode will encourage you to take action and start your health and wellness journey. Don’t wait for your body to suffer. Instead, focus on taking preventive measures. It’s not too late; with discipline and perseverance, you can achieve your goal. Everyone deserves to live better, healthily, and joyfully–free of too much stress and burnout.


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