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Ruth Rathblott: The Liberating Path of Unhiding

Updated: Mar 7

Do you ever feel like you have to hide something about yourself from the world? In this episode, you will hear an honest and heartfelt conversation with Ruth Rathblott, a speaker, coach, and author of the book Singlehandedly: Learning to Unhide and Embrace Connection. Ruth shares her story of living with a limb difference and how she used it as a tool to start conversations and create safe spaces for others to share their stories. She also reveals the secrets of unhiding, which is the process of releasing shame, overcoming fear, and embracing your true self, without worrying about what others think.

Episode Highlights:

Ruth Rathblott opens up about the common phenomenon of hiding, which affects many people who feel like they are the only ones who have a visible or invisible difference, such as a disability, a mental health issue, a family background, or a personal struggle. She explains how hiding can make us feel isolated, exhausted, and limited, and how unhiding can help us live more authentically and confidently.

Ruth shares some practical tips and exercises to help you unhide in your own life and create more meaningful connections with others. She emphasizes the importance of being the first to go first, which means sharing something about yourself that you are hiding or uncomfortable with, in order to create a safe space for others to do the same.

This episode is a powerful reminder that you are not alone in your hiding journey. You have the power to unhide and live your truth. Listen to this episode now and start your own unhiding journey today. You will be amazed by the freedom and joy that comes from being yourself and connecting with others who accept you as you are!

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