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Sophia Lepage: Reconnect with Deep Core Desires to Recover from Burnout

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Sophia Lepage is a feminine embodiment and leadership coach who has spent the last 4 years helping women break free from the good girl mentality, reclaim pleasure, reconnect with their femininity, and recover from burnout. Sophia lived her entire early life trying to be a “good girl” at the expense of herself. She got so caught up in people-pleasing to avoid conflict and the potential of being the outcast that she lost sight of who she was and what she really wanted for her life. When an affair ended her marriage, the good girl facade fell apart, and Sophia had to start listening to her true deeper feelings and desires in order to rebuild her life into one that actually reflects her own goals and values. She went traveling and began an internal healing journey that ultimately led not only to her own recovery, but to helping others. She now lives in Bali with her second husband and helps women by teaching them to reconnect with their feminine power.

“When we come into that space of alignment then it's easier to attract those people who are our tribe. And it's easier to not get caught up in these other people who don't agree with you, because you're not going to please everyone,” shares Sophia Lepage. The pressure of always having to be the “good girl” causes many women to hide their true selves around others. This leads to burnout, because it is a huge energy drain to live out of alignment with yourself. By tapping into feminine energy, reconnecting with your intuition, and really listening to your body, you can break free from burnout and live a more authentic life. Often by the time burnout occurs, the body has been sending distress signals for ages. It is vital to learn how to be fully present in your body in order to recognize the signals coming from within.

People-pleasers tend to end up burned out, because they live based on the desires of others instead of honoring their own values and desires. Tune into today’s episode of FRIED. The Burnout Podcast for a conversation with Sophia Lepage about reconnecting with feminine energy, reclaiming pleasure, and saying goodbye to always having to be a “good girl”.


The thing that helped me was discovering feminine embodiment practices, discovering pleasure practices. That's what helped me get back into connection with my body, started listening to her rhythms. Once I learned how to circulate pleasure, it opened up these wells of vitality and radiance that I didn't know that I had the capability to feel.” (5:00-5:22 | Sophia)

“I've invested so much time and energy into making sure that everybody likes me. But do I like me? Who am I doing this for?” (10:22-10:34 | Sophia)

When we come into that space of alignment, then it's easier to attract those people who are our tribe. And it's easier to kind of not get caught up in these other people who don't agree with you, because you're not going to please everyone. It’s just impossible.” (15:55-16:11 | Sophia)

The deeper longing of my soul, the real desire, was to really reach my full potential in this life, which isn't about getting all the A-pluses, it's about being fully expressed.” (22:22-22:37 | Sophia)


Connect with Sophia Lepage:

Website | https://sophialepage.com/

Instagram | https://www.instagram.com/sophia_le_page/




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