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#straightfromcait: How Do I Know if I’m Recovering From Burnout or Stuck on the Burnout Cycle

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

During your burnout recovery, it may feel difficult to tell whether you are truly on the right path to recovery or still trapped in the burnout cycle. You will have ups and downs that may cause you to feel that your recovery is slipping back toward burnout again. In today’s #straightfromcait episode, Cait explains five signs to watch for that will let you know that you are on the right path.

Burnout recovery can feel a bit like a seesaw with all its ups and downs, but that is perfectly natural and nothing to be concerned about. The goal of recovery is to start having more moments of feeling like yourself interspersed with fewer moments of feeling burnt out. You will start to feel more like your old pre-burnout self more frequently, begin enjoying old hobbies that you were unable to enjoy while burnt out, and experience less issues with brain fog and memory lapses. You’ll still feel tired, but instead of feeling depleted and empty, you should begin to feel satisfied and good about your day. When you start to realize that you’re laughing more and getting more enjoyment out of your daily life, that’s when you know you are on the right path to burnout recovery.

Tune into this week’s #straightfromcait episode for a conversation about how to tell the difference between burnout recovery and being stuck in the same toxic cycle of burnout. Learn what signs to look out for to know whether you are on the right track with your recovery.


“Recovery feels a whole lot like just simply feeling more normal again, interspersed with moments that feel like you're still totally burnt out. What we're looking for is longer and more frequent feelings of normal, of your norm, your old norm, your pre burnout norm and shorter, less frequent moments of feeling burnt out.” (01:27-01:52 | Cait)

“Having a down day does not necessarily mean burnout.” (3:56-3:59 | Cait)

If you find yourself finding moments of amusement and joy during your days, then you know you're on the right track.” (6:15-6:22 | Cait)

“The sign that you're recovering is that you're still tired at the end of the day, but it feels like a good, satisfied tired, not a depleted, empty, crappy, tired.” (7:06-7:20 | Cait)




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