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#straightfromcait: Navigating Leadership Burnout: A Guide For Business Owners and Leaders

Hey, FRIED fam! On today’s episode of The Burnout Podcast, Cait is answering written questions from bosses and leaders, asking how to deal with burnout while balancing all of the other concerns of their company and employees. How can you maintain a healthy workplace culture while recovering from burnout? How do you deal with employees who punch up out of frustration? What if restructuring the business to promote a healthier workplace results in layoffs? 

First, Cait makes the distinction between what is and is not a leader’s responsibility. It is their responsibility to implement, enforce and model a healthy and productive workplace culture. It is not their job however, to fix it individually. Hiring an outside party is essential regardless of cost. She reveals one of the biggest drivers of employee burnout, its actual physical effects, and the point at which leaders may just need to get over themselves. 

As a boss, you’ll learn #straightfromcait how to positively influence company culture so that everyone wins. 


  • “We have to understand that if your workplace culture was healthy, it’s more likely that you wouldn’t have ended up here.” (1:39 | Caitlin Donovan)

  • “You don’t do it alone. You get support. This is something you have to invest in. It might not have been in your budget. And guess what? You have to do it anyway.” (4:21 | Caitlin Donovan) 

  • “If you are someone who typically burns out, and you’re a people pleaser and a perfectionist, as a business owner, you’ve likely hired other people who are people pleasers and perfectionists. So, you might have employees who are holding on just to help you out and really they’ve wanted to go for two years.” (5:08 | Caitlin Donovan) 

  • “I’m not actually sure that we can challenge the assumption that the burden of setting and resetting the culture rests in the leader, because it does. Leaders have to be the drivers of change and employees can contribute to that but not before the leader sets the tone and the direction. That is literally the job.” (12:25 | Caitlin Donovan) 

  • “One of the things during burnout—and this is fascinating—is you lose some of your peripheral vision, actually, physically, lose peripheral vision. This kind of also works in a brain way. You also can’t see solutions that are not right in front of you. So, when you’re burnt out you kind of tunnel vision yourself and it’s really hard for you to see the bigger picture and how everything is interacting.” (14:45 | Caitlin Donovan) 


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5 days ago

Якщо висловлювати свою думку з приводу новин, то я вважаю, що наразі саме той час, коли нам потрібно приділяти більше уваги саме інформаційному простору, бо кожного дня відбуваються події, котрі можуть змінити наше уявлення про світ. Саме тому, я використовую якісний інформаційний портал, котрий надає мені всю необхідну інформацію з приводу новин як локальних, так і глобальних. Нещодавно я прочитав одну дуже цікаву статтю в котрій йшлося про вибори у США, дуже якісний та важливий матеріал, саме тому, я обрав їх, бо тільки вони можуть робити настільки круті та актуальні матеріали. Загалом, завдяки їх діяльності, я зміг відкрити для себе купу нових тем та явищ, що дуже сильно вплинуло на мене та дозволило поглянути на світ під іншим…

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