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The Journey to Finding Your Authentic Self with Caspar Szulc

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

Caspar is the co-founder of Innovative Medicine, an organization committed to revolutionizing medicine, disrupting the healthcare field, and redefining how we view health. Caspar burnt out in his 20s, which may come as no surprise: He was a young entrepreneur, a perfectionist, a Myers-Briggs INFJ, and a Virgo. His burnout experience forced him to search for his authentic self—and he says he had to practice everything he preached at work to reset and bounce back. From chronobiology, sleep science, and the PNEI system to advanced stress-reducing techniques and medical therapies to improve cognitive function, Caspar uses holistic and personalized approaches to help his patients avoid burnout. “It's almost as if the career-path I was placed on positioned me to learn the best tips and secrets to protect myself from burnout,” he says today. For Caspar—like for so many of us—the experience of burning out led him to dig deeper to find who he really was, beneath the pileup of work and social engagements and life in a big city. And that process is an ongoing one. Caspar reminds us that our journeys to self-actualization never come to an end, but that we can begin to enjoy the process a whole lot more. “It's not that I no longer feel the stress or get to points where I feel burnt out,” he says. “I just am in tune with my body and understand that if I don't prioritize health, rest, and regeneration, I am not primed to be as successful in the hours I do put into work.” Learn more about Caspar: His website: The New York Center for Innovative Medicine: Caspar’s Instagram: Mentioned in this episode: Rudolf Steiner and his Evolution of Consciousness: Viktor Frankl and the search for meaning: Myers-Briggs INFJ type: Caspar’s nootropic supplement, Nadovim To get 20% off your first 30-day supply of Nadovim, visit and enter the coupon code BURNOUT. I hope you’re all taking care of your physical and emotional health during these challenging times. In case you need it, I’ve opened up time in my schedule to offer more FREE calls to help you navigate your way through it all. Initial calls last 35 minutes and are a great way to kickstart your burnout recovery. Book your call at One last thing: There are still a couple more days in the crowdfunding campaign for my book The Bouncebackability Factor! If you’re feeling generous or inspired or just want to check it out, you can find the campaign HERE If you know someone else who might benefit from a book about burnout (uh, everyone?) please share the campaign with them! I honestly believe we can #endburnoutculture with enough people on board. Take care of yourselves this week (and wash your hands!). XOXO Cait


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