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Leah Steele: Ending Burnout While You're Still Working

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

The biggest thing that I want to help people understand is: you get to make informed choices, and quitting your job because it's accumulated and accumulated and accumulated until like I was sitting on the floor crying going, “how could I ever go back?” that is six months too late, six years too late, sometimes. Getting to the point where you can do as much as you can within yourself, know that you are getting healthy and know that you have control over certain aspects, and then being able to very clearly identify what is outside of your control and whether that is something that you can tolerate for the long term - that's a very different proposition - Leah Steele


Leah is the founder of Searching for Serenity, a business focused on mentoring and training corporates and professionals who are struggling with imposter syndrome, burnout and feeling overwhelmed by their careers. Leah is also a blogger, speaker and jewellery designer (because why have one career when you can have three?) FIND:

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Leah and I chatted all about the deep and real of burnout, the actual symptoms that come up, the actual brain science that happens. Leah uses her foundation as a lawyer who worked with mental capacity cases to explain to you: just how serious burnout is, why a pond scum looking and tasting green smoothie isn’t going to change it, and how you can build up resilience while still working your job. Leah asks you to look for small shifts instead of big overhauls - anyone who's worked with me knows I'm right on board with that!

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