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#straightfromcait: The Power of External Validation for Burnout Recovery

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

In this week's #straightfromcait episode, I want to share with you just how important external validation is. Yes, it matters. No, you shouldn't go on without it. It is so important that its one of the biggest external burnout risk factors. That's right. Not hearing enough praise or recognition (or worse, hearing only negative feedback) is a MAJOR factor in your ability to stay burnout free. I know that the world of coaching and the law of attraction would love for you to believe that you create your entire reality and if you just straighten out everything internally, your whole life will fall into place and you'll feel amazing all the time. What other people think about you and say about you will become immaterial.... I'm here to tell you today that that is total BS. We need each other. I need you. We're a community. We don't truly do anything alone (even if it feels like it sometimes). We need to be loved, recognized, and praised. In my personal burnout story, I needed someone to love me from the outside before I learned how to love myself. It didn't start with me, it started with my best friend, Ewa. She showed me how to love myself by loving me when I still didn't know how. Other people matter. Who you surround yourself with matters. That's the truth.

So, for today - know this: I LOVE YOU.

YOU ARE MAGICAL. YOU DESERVE LOADS OF GOODNESS IN YOUR LIFE. XOXO C Dying for me to be your coach?!?!? (me too! ;)) Book a free consult here: Can't wait to talk to you and create space for your magic.


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