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Bounce Back Oil is Ready!

Updated: May 12, 2021

It's been a dream of mine for ages to provide you with extra little things you can do to boost your own bouncebackability and help you deal with stress better. This dream became possible when I moved back to the US and reconnected with an old friend from WAAAY BACK (we used to do stuff like to to YMCA dances in middle school together). She already creates amazing products (check them out at: La Lune Healing) and I asked her if she would collaborate with me to create something for all of you and lucky US, she agreed. Together, we came up with a blend of oils that is relaxing, mind-clearing, aura protecting, inner voice strengthening, adrenal gland supporting, and cortisol reducing all while not using any damn lavender. I love lavender, but it's just in everything that's supposed to be stress relieving and this needed to be different - better, stronger, and especially calculated for burnout. I'm happy to say that it came out AMAZING.

Bounceback Oil is designed to help keep you resilient when your own batteries are running on empty. Adrenal fatigue, long term stress, clouded thinking, insomnia, emotional overreactions, and a nervous system that is running on super sensitive will all get relief with daily use of Bounceback Oil.

Ashwaganda extract helps to relieve stress AND regenerates nerve cells. Licorice extract helps to regulate cortisol (the stress hormone!) and take some pressure off those adrenals! Holy Basil is a natural antioxidant which aids the bodies’ response to stress and ensures the least amount of damage – on a spiritual level, it protects and uplifts you. Cardamom clears foggy-headedness and improves mental focus. The addition of Frankincense makes this blend magic – it has an overall calming effect on the nervous system and helps to keep stress from messing with your hormones.

Finally, this blend is diluted in avocado oil and poured over reiki infused Rainbow Fluorite crystals. Rainbow Fluorite helps you stay connected to your higher self and eliminate distractions to allow you to keep your focus on the things that serve both you and the world best.

Shake before use and place behind the ear (to influence the Vagus nerve), over the sternum and up the centerline of the inner arm to protect and stay connected to your heart.

Bonus Tip: When your roller is empty – pull the ball out and rinse the Rainbow Flourite crystals of oil before putting them on your nightstand to help higher self messages come through while you sleep! Grab yours soon, the first batch is almost gone! Can't wait to hear what you think! XOXO C


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