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Sarah Dawn: The Only Waste Is Consciously Choosing to Continue Doing What Doesn't Serve You

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

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Episode summary: In this episode, guest Sarah Dawn, my favorite Sustainable Business Coach takes us through some of the exercises and questions she would ask an actual client - we talked about holding nothing back and giving as much as we can to help our fellow entrepreneurs. We also went deep into the idea of ‘waste’. Wasting our education, wasting the things we spent so much time building, etc. Sarah gives a beautiful reframe during this episode that might just get you unstuck and help you move forward.

Topics discussed in this episode:

- The Entrepreneurial Condition [6:41]

- Finding Energy Leakes [11:09]

- This is how it’s always been done syndrome / free coaching from Sarah [13:18]

- Reframing Waste [15:42]

- Examples of deciding to let things go [22:07]

- Exercising Your Emotional Intelligence Muscle [32:10]

- Every Entrepreneur’s Deep Dark Secret [34:24]

- Who to hire as your first team member [37:00]

- Where to leave the personal touch in your business [44:10]

Find Sarah:

Resources Mentioned in the Show: The Resentment Journal Mini Course

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